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Jahn Sood
Ezra Furman
Wilder Penfield
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Folk On Records

About Folk On...

Folk On Records is not a record company in the traditional sense. It is not a company designed to make money, but it is a small, but growing community of songwriters and performers who work together to take on the challenges of getting our music heard. The Folk On collective sees music in its original form, as a way of communication. To us, "folk" is not a specific and exclusive genre, but refers to people, folks, and their connection to music. We share information about performance opportunities, recording, copyright, and even writing so that we can all grow in our musical capabilities. Folk On!

Folk On the Air...

WMFO 91.5 FM Radio Songwriters' Showcase

Listen to the most recent show! (Click Here)

Our new radio show, Folk On the Air, hosted by Folk On Records founder, Jahn Sood, will air on Monday Mornings 10am-Noon on WMFO 91.5 Medford, MA and live streamed at for listeners all over the country (link below right). You can also listen to the show for one week following the original airing.

The songwriters featured so far on the show are Folk On artists and people who we have met, shared stages with, and been otherwise inspired by.

To submit music for the show, send CD's and press information to:

Folk On Records
c/o Jahn Sood
334 Haskell Hall
Medford, MA

or contact us at

Special Guests on "On the Air"

2.6.06-Dan Gonzalez
2.20.06-Ezra Furman
3.6.06-Jahn Sood
4.10.06- Mary Ukelady
4.17.06- Dan Cloutier
5.1.06-Chris Elliot
and Jaded Mandolin

Radio Show Now On Monday Mornings!!!

The Folk On Records weekly radio show on WMFO 91.5 FM has now moved to a great new time slot. The Folk On the Air Local Songwriters' Showcase Airs on the radio Monday mornings 10am-Noon, and is available all week in online live stream. Scroll down for more info!

Folk On! Releases

Jahn Sood.I Will Go
(click to buy)

Ezra Furman.Old Glory
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Featured Artists

Visit the Featured Artists page for complete playlists from the show and information about all of the featured artists and links to their websites!

Contact us at

Folk On the Air Archives (Currently Not Working)

Show 1 - Nov. 18, 2005

Show 2 - Dec. 2, 2005

Show 3 - Dec. 9, 2005